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Paternity Test - DNA - Non Legal

Our Price: $299 (SALE:  $199)  Lowest Price Guaranteed!


This Non-Legal Paternity test is NOT valid in Court but has the same accuracy as all other DNA tests.


Our Non-Legal DNA paternity test determines the biological father of a child.  This DNA Paternity test is NOT valid in court but is extremely accurate.  This test is typically chosen when a person is curious about paternity, but does not envision ever using the results for legal purposes.  These tests are commonly known as "piece of mind DNA tests".  Although the results of a non-legal test are not permissible for use in a legal setting, the lab uses the same quality assurance methodology and equipment for testing the specimens and analyzing the results.  A simple swab is rubbed on the child's and potential father's gums and sent to the lab for testing.  Since this is a non-legal test, other samples may be used for the potential father's DNA besides the swab.  Results are typically available in 3-4 days.



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