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 Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: Are the prices listed the total cost?
A: Yes. There are no draw fees and the fee listed is your total cost.

Q: Can a company or group offer our tests as a benefit?
A: Yes. Negotiated discounts are available. Please call your closest location for more information.

Q: Why should I get tested?
A: A lab test may help to identify a potential problem area and thereby establishing a baseline for which future tests can be monitored.

Q: Do I need to see my doctor to get tested?
A: No. You may use us to order a lab test without consulting your doctor. Our doctor will order the test for you.  We do, however, recommend that you share the lab results with your Doctor.

Q: Who gets tested?
A: Adults, Teens, Children · Those who are un-insured. · Anyone who needs frequent testing for the same condition. · Companies who wish to screen their employees for illegal substances or set up wellness programs.

Q: Is this covered by my insurance?
A: We do not file insurance claims. Some insurance plans have a "wellness" or prevention benefit and you should contact your carrier for that information. Payment for test is, however, eligible for your Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Savings Account (FSA).

Q: Does Medicare cover this?
A: No.

Q: Do I need an appointment?
A: No. An appointment is not required.

Q: Should I eat or not eat before the tests?
A: Some tests require you to fast for 8-10 hours.  Please contact us to find out about fasting requirements.

Q: When will I receive the results?
A: We will mail or fax your results within  24-72 hours after your blood is drawn for serum tests. If you would like to pick up your test results in person, we will call when they are ready.

Q: Are the results confidential?
A: Yes. We respect your privacy and maintain confidentiality. You are the only one who receives the results unless you specifically direct us otherwise.

Q: Will I be able to understand the test results?
A: You should consult with your personal physician regarding interpretation of your test results. If you do not have one, you can set up an appointment with our practitioner.

Q: How reliable are the results?
A: We use only leading national CLIA approved laboratories.

Q: Will my doctor see the results or receive a copy?
A: No, unless you specifically request that we fax or send a copy to your doctor.  We deal directly with you and provide the results to you and/or whomever you choose.

Q: What if I receive an abnormal value?
A: Abnormalities do not necessarily mean you have an illness or disease. We strongly recommend you discuss the results with your Doctor.

Q: Who can I contact about abnormal results?
A: Questions regarding abnormal results should be discussed with your Doctor.
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