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Allergy Panel III - Expanded Food



90 Food Allergens (meats/poultry, dairy, seafood, fruit, vegetables, grains, spices, additives)



  • Apple Ascorbic Acid Asparagus Aspartame Avocado Bakers yeast Baking Powder Banana Bean Mix (5) Bean Mix (1) Black Pepper Broccoli Cane Sugar Carob Carrageenan Carrots Casein Celery Cheese - hard Cheese - soft Cocoa/Chocolate Coconut Coffee Corn Cottage Cheese Curry Eggplant Egg White Egg Yolk Garlic Guar Jalapeno Lettuce Mango Melon Mix (2) Milk-Cow MSG Mushroom Mustard Nitrates Nut Mix I (6) Nut Mix II (7) Onion Orange Paprika Parabens Peach Peanut Pear Peas Peppers Pineapple Plum/Prune Poppy Seed Potato Rosemary Sesame Spinich Squash Strawberry Sweet Potate Tomato Watermellon Whey Yogurt

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