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HIV Oraquick Rapid HIV Test for Oral Fluid

Our Price: $75.00



The OraQuick ADVANCE® Rapid HIV-1/2 Antibody Test detects antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2 in 20 minutes.  This is and oral fluids test, no needles are necessary.  We simply swab beteeen your teeth and upper and lower gums and test the oral fluid collected.  Results are ready between 20 and 40 minutes.  If the oral fluids test is preliminarily positive we will perform an HIV 1/0/2 Antibodies test at no charge for confirmation.



  • The test uses oral fluid, which is slightly different from saliva. To perform the test, the person being tested for HIV gently swabs the device completely around the outer gums, both upper and lower, one time around and inserts it into a vial containing a developer solution. After 20 minutes, the test device will indicate if HIV antibodies are present in the solution by displaying two reddish-purple lines in a small window in the device. A reactive HIV test result on oral fluid is a preliminary positive and needs to be confirmed by an additional, more specific test to verify whether HIV antibodies are present. If your reactive HIV test is premiminarily positive we will confirm with a serum HIV test at no additional charge.

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