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HIV 1/0/2 Early Detection (4th Generation) w/confirmation



HIV antibody tests are categorized by “generation,” and higher numbers indicate more recently developed assays. The goals of technological advancement are to shorten the window period, and to improve and maintain high sensitivity and specificity. With the Fourth generation HIV Ab/Ag combination assays (fourth generation HIV tests),  HIV can be detected 2-4 weeks after HIV exposure! Of all the HIV testing technologies, fourth generation HIV Ab/Ag combination assays are the only tests that are able to identify acute HIV-1 infection at this early stage.


 Detecting acute HIV-1 infection is significant because positive patients can be diagnosed near the peak of viral replication, when they are most contagious. Approximately half of all new infections originate from HIV-positive people who are unaware of their status.  Furthermore, effective antiretroviral treatment reduces the risk of HIV-positive individuals transmitting the infection, regardless of behavior modification. Diagnosing and engaging patients in HIV care early has the potential to substantially decrease HIV incidence.


 We will perform an HIV 1/0/2 Confirmation test at no charge for all positive results.



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