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Drug Test Synthetic Marijuana

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The capacity to test for synthetic marijuana (street names:  Spice, K2, Blaze, and fake pot) has become increasingly important in the recent years as the prevalence of designer drugs continues to rise.  Originally misrepresented and sold as incense, internet sources instruct users to smoke these substances for what they described as a "legal high".    According to authorities in the US, synthetic marijuana is created by taking plant-based substances and spraying them with toxic chemicals which mimic the effects of marijuana.  The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has addressed the growing use of these dangerous drugs by utilizing emergency powers to ban all currently known synthetic marijuana substances in November, 2010.  Subsequently, the federal government signed the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act into law in July, 2012.  As such, it is currently illegal to produce, possess, or injest Synthetic Marijuana in the United States.


Synthetic Marijuana users may experience far more intense effects compared to smoking cannabis (marijuana) like intense anxiety, agitation, short-term memory loss, extreme sedation, life-threatening hallucinations and seizures. Other health risks include stroke, catatonia, and temporary paralysis.

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